Best Use Case Winners 2014

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The InLocation Alliance Use Case Working Group held a Best Use Case Contest in 2014.  A peer review panel selected the top five Use Cases to be voted on by the ILA Membership.  The ILA Membership selected three winners and two honorable mentions.

THE WINNERS ARE: – Airport; a collaboration with San Francisco International Airport to help passengers – with an emphasis on the blind and visually impaired – to find their way around the Airport at Terminal 2.‘ best in breed localization uses a combination of Bluetooth beacons, Wi-Fi access points, sensor fusion and a mobile app to help guide the passengers. See the video presentation at:

infsoft – Campus Düsseldorf; a collaboration with Vodafone that gives staff and visitors at the new German headquarter a wealth of information and services around the building complex. The application supports finding the way to a meeting point, colleague finding, meeting room booking and finding the users current position

Sailstech – iMap; an indoor mobile navigation app for the largest station in Taiwan ‐ Taipei Railway Station, also known as the Taiwan’s largest maze. The Taipei Railway Station handles over a half million visitors a day and first time visitors waste at least 15 minutes trying to find their way as visitors can only rely on confusing signs to find their direction. Using the existing Wi-Fi signal in the building the application supports locating and navigation functionality for passengers. The app can locate the user and plan the shortest multi-floor route to the user’s destination.  The app can also navigate users turn by turn to wherever they want to go including: exits, platforms, bus stops, stores, etc.   This case is also the first largest application imported by Sailstech SDK.



Sailstech – Computex; an indoor mobile navigation app for Computex 2014, Asia’s largest and the world’s second largest B2B Professional computer show which attracted over 130,000 attendees.  This app enabled visitors to efficiently find their way around the show. This is the first international show to use SAILStech indoor positioning and navigation technology which seamlessly utilized BLE 4.0 dual platform (iOS/Android) and mobile phone integrated accelerometers, gyroscopes and electronic compass to precisely calculate users position (accuracy of 1~2 meters) in the exhibition hall.

Genasys – Patrol Control; The new solution of GENASYS allows security firms and entities’ control centers to know in real time the status and development of the surveillance services that are being provided to their customers. Automated alerts are generated when faced with specific situations that allow the control center to react and make decisions as quick as possible.