Pilot Working Group

ILA Pilot Working Group Charter
The Pilot Working Group’s purpose is to help the ILA members to drive pilots which are verifying both the technical and commercial aspects of indoor location solutions.
The following activities are within the scope of the Pilot WG:

  • Use member organization knowledge to combine the offerings of several members representing different roles in the indoor location based services value network.


  • Proving the interoperability of different solution components.

Coordination with other ILA Working Groups
The Pilot WG relates to the other working groups within the ILA in the following way:

  •  The Pilot WG verifies the uses cases and their viability in the practical field tests
  • The Pilot WG uses the System Architecture as input for testing and verifying the interoperability of the system components.
  • The pilots run by the Pilot WG enable the Promotion WG to publicly communicate information about the indoor location ecosystem to attract industry players to participate and encourage venue owners and operators to deploy.