Use Case Working Group

ILA Use Case Working Group Charter

Mission description
The Use Case Working Group has the mission to identify the contexts where indoor location solutions can find their way to the benefit of the involved stakeholders including venue owners and visitors.

The following activities are within the scope of the Use Case Working Group:

  • Collect and classify the Use Cases in which the technologies of interest can provide value to the receiving ecosystem.
  • Identify the system requirements needed to support the Use Cases.
  • Analyze the business application Use Cases enabled by indoor location solutions.
  • Promote, in cooperation with the Promotion Working Group, Use Cases of interest through white papers and other means.


  • White papers for internal or external distribution defining and describing the identified use cases of interest to the Alliance.
  • Periodical rounds of Use Case collection to generate a list of requirements associated with the supporting Use Cases

Coordination with other ILA Working Groups

The Use Case Working Group relates to the other working groups within the ILA in the following way:

  • The Use Case WG provides lists of requirements to the System Architecture WG with associated supporting Use Cases.
  • Promotion WG: coordination for the initiatives involving communications to the general audience outside the Alliance.
  • Pilot WG: the devised pilots will be reported as use cases of the Alliance. Available use cases will provide a consistent framework for experimenting with the available technologies.